Friday, September 12, 2008

Breasts and Blouses


You will be happy to get introduced to the servicing pair at the boutique in the industrial city of Coimbatore in India. They wish to beautify you like a princess and adorn you with dresses of excellence.

The Beautician there is “Rathi” and the costume Designer is “Manmadan”. They unite at home and office in domestic and business affairs to make the womenfolk of that region more beautiful with cosmetics and costumes.

Boutique That Makes You Happy

Their beauty tips with simple exercises and custom made costumes will speak bigger volumes to bring up your beauty to the surface. It is a “boutique” that offers both beautification and tailoring services to keep you young and beautiful.

You will get admired by domestic people at home as well by a crowd of onlookers in ceremonial functions. Be prepared to be proud enough to express yourself in a way that will make your presence pretty and elegant in the mass of beautiful people.

Beautifies All Youthful Structures

The servicing staffs at the boutique know the intricate details of beautifying the youth right from the top of the head to the tip of the toes with natural herbal pastes, creams and aromatic oils.

Your hairs are washed, combed and designed with decorations with jewels and flowers. Your facial skin will become bright and shine, while the eyes will sparkle at the curves of eye brows; lips will show their bright shine or subtle soft in colors as you like it.

Boost Up Breasts
Your hands will be decorated with mehandi, herbal tattooing of sculptural designs on the palms; needless to say that you are moving towards becoming the princes. You are given guidelines to improve your beautiful breasts and curvilinear body line in an attractive way with some herbal treatments and massages. All are good enough to bring your hidden beauty to the surface with needed shine and escalations.

Blousing The Breast Contours
The other part of the story is about the perfect blousing of your body line that has natural curves and admirable sensual inundations. Here comes the service of the custom tailoring by the staffs of the boutique. They know that a good blouse is that fits perfectly on the contours of the body. It needs a good beautification work on the blouses too to make them more stylish and gorgeous.

Engineering Perfection to Comfort
It is like an engineering perfection that is required to make a fitting blouse that is tight and soft, compatible with the body structures. This should give excellent comfort to move the hands in a rotary manner on the joints and body structures in a most flexible way. They make the custom designed blouses as if every woman is going to dance on a stage wearing the perfect fitting blouse.

Measurements Carry Due Weight

The blouses are fabricated and constructed with the measurements that are taken instantly at the counters. Due care is taken to measure the body and breasts at necessary points vertically and horizontally. This is to fix the curvilinear parts of the custom designed dress to match them perfectly on the sensual structures.

Further, the blouses are decorated with embroideries, stone and art works to catch the eyes that move up on the youthful parts of the body.

Do it yourself - Techniques Explained!
Now, you will be interested to know the fuller details of maintaining the beauty of your body and youthful structures. In addition, your desire to make such a beautiful and perfect blouse at home is also fulfilled. You will know the fuller technical details in a simple way so that you will do it on your own sewing machine.

Now, you are assured to become more beautiful with natural cosmetics and well structured costumes.

Get Prepared!
Get Noticed Above The Rest!

1. Now you can learn all about the Natural Formation of Beautiful Breasts, their growth and development, enhancement, enlargement, reduction and shaping for empowerment.

2. How to measure body and breasts for making Perfect Blouses and adorn you with art works?

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